Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thursday Mail

What happens when you are planning your wedding, and your brother just happens to be Daniel Vosovic? He designs your dress for you, of course! Daniel's sister Sara was married this past weekend, and she looks lovely in her DV original. Don't miss more of the photos from the event. Photo courtesy of Brandon Mulnix from Modern Photographics.
Here's Laura Bennett in the New York Daily News: "You can make a waist if you don't have one - and let me tell you, it works a lot faster than exercise"
TGGTS update: Bravo is showing reruns the next two weeks, Rebecca tonight and JeAnne next week. Could there be some re-tooling/editing going on behind the scenes? Stay tuned. Anyways, that means no party tonight. Get your rest while you can, only 6 more weeks until Season 4!