Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Amanda Fields at Fashion Week

Project Runway model Amanda Fields modeled for "designer #2" in the Season Six Finale. That makes four finale shows in a row for Amanda. She also modeled in Leanne's presentation. Here are some Fashion Week notes from our favorite redhead.

Dear BPR,

Thank you so much for always being so supportive of not only me, but of all the seasons of Project Runway's designers and models! I love that we have places like this to commiserate online - to check up on each other and show and tell.

This season in NY was very odd, indeed. The agents could feel it, the models, the designers, the press, the buyers, everyone in attendance. It just wasn't as happenin' as in previous seasons. Less designers showing, a little bit less use of color in collections.. OH economy! But the faithful fashionistas tredged on!

I called Elite (my agency here in NY) to find out when would be the best time for me to come into town for this season.. they warned me there would be a lot more shows than usual paying in "trade" - meaning you get clothes for working, no pay - and that the ones that would pay might be paying less than usual. I was not dissuaded! I told them I would still be happy to come to New York and try my best! Carpe diem!!

I wound up being very happy that I came, indeed, because there was plenty for me to do! Perhaps not as much as a year ago, but enough to keep me busy and keep my face out there! I did presentations for Malan Breton, Karen Sabag, and Leanne Marshall, an in-store event for Max Mara presented by VOGUE, The Project Runway Season 6 Finale show in Bryant Park - my fourth finale! - and some showroom work as well.
There is also a show this week for Anne Bowen that I will be in! I attended a few parties too and made good contacts. I also got myself onto wire image and getty images a couple more times!

I had a blast attending the William Rast fashion show. Not only do I love Justin Timberlake *sigh* but I was excited to see his new collection, in collaboration with Trace Alaya, Marcella and Johan Lindeberg. This Fall 2009 collection was titled: New America. The program that rested on every seat in the tent said that "it is creativity that will be one of the most important ingredients to bring energy into today's culture." HELLO! Project Runway falls into that description too! :) Our society needs PR back on TV post haste! (Click here for images from the show.)

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