Friday, February 27, 2009

BPR at the Season Six Finale

Although we have plenty of posts from the finale show, there is still a little more to share.

Arriving at the tents we were greeted by many of our contest winners. Some of you I hadn't seen for quite a while - many I had never met in person - but all of you felt like friends. We were very excited and curious about the show.

We also spotted many of the designers from past seasons.

It wasn't hard at all to locate our seats...

...and I would like to thank Erin N and everyone at Full Picture who helped everything to run so smoothly.

When the first designer's collection came out, I was very eager to see it and I felt a little disappointed. I leaned over to The Scarlett and said, "Maybe this is a decoy."

Now of course, it never fails, that after I say something like this, "Designer #1" will be my favorite in the show. So, I am already apologizing for that comment.

I am in the definite minority for claiming "Designer #2" as my favorite, but I will stand by my choice. First of all, this was the collection that Amanda Fields worked and she looked absolutely gorgeous. Second, there was color and detail in this collection that made me feel happy.

The third collection seemed to be everyone else's favorite and choice to win.

Tbone also noted that there were 13 looks in each collection and it was possible that there was a "Thirteenth Look" challenge. Perhaps a LBD. Only speculating. It just seemed that there was a lot of black going on.

When Heidi came back to thank everyone after three collections it was obvious that these were the finalists. Just these three. It felt really short after seeing six collections last season!

At the conclusion, we worked our way down to the runway to visit with some of our old friends. I kept thinking that "someone" would be hosting a brunch, but no invitation had arrived. So... I thought we should just host something ourselves.

I spontaneously invited anyone within range to join us. We wound up with quite a nice group. Leanne Marshall, Kenley Collins, Wesley Nault, Daniel Feld, Kelli Martin, Jennifer Diederich, Malan Breton, Jerell Scott, Stella Zotis, Joe Faris, Blayne Walsh, and their spouses, sweethearts and friends all joined us. We also invited our fellow bloggers and contest winners. I'm not sure how many were there, but it was great fun, and we didn't want it to end.
Click here to see photos from the BPR Brunch.

Thank you everyone for joining us!