Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tales From The Tent

Photo: Alan Gratz

One of the great thrills for Team BPR being at the Project Runway Season 6 finale was the opportunity to share the experience with so many of our loyal readers. Except you are more than just readers, you're more like family. How fun for us was it to finally put some faces behind those screen names of yours. Fabulous, one and all.

The only caveat given to us by the producers was to make sure the tickets got into the hands of Project Runway's most devoted fans. I think we ended up doing pretty good. Those of you who joined us certainly have tales to tell and we want to hear them! Send us a link to your blog or share your thoughts in the comments below about the day. Here's a couple to get you started:

BPR's resident prognosticator Alan Gratz is every bit the gentleman you would expect. Check out the first installament on his big adventure in New York. (Including hard to find photos of Leanne Marshall's collection).

David Dust did his best to avoid us, but we hunted him down and he was doing exactly what you would expect - doling out snarky banter about the whole scene. You know he went home and wrote all about it.

Were you there, too? We want to hear your story!