Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Note From Daniel Feld and Wesley Nault

Hi Everyone,

We hope all is well for all of you at BPR.

As you know we have teamed and are steadily working for an amazing spring collection we will be exhibiting in September 09.

We currently have the privilege of designing uniforms for the luxury boxes in the new Yankee Stadium opening this April.

We were most recently asked to create a gown for a Food and Wine publication that was entirely out of fresh produce. Forty artichokes, 5 cabbages, 10 bushels of kale, a little bunny we named Kugel and 7 hours of radicchio ridiculousness. It was a mini project runway in the making.

Eat Your Heart Out!!! (no pun intended)

We have more in store for you, so we'll keep you updated.


Daniel and Wesley