Friday, September 16, 2011

Wesley Nault Spring 2012

Project Runway Season 5 designer, Wesley Nault presented his Spring 2012 collection on Tuesday and BPR field reporter, Jennifer Mara sends us this report. Thanks Jen!

On Tuesday night, Wesley Nault made his way into the fashion world introducing his first ever fashion-week collection. In the heart of the fashion district, fashion week virgin Wesley Nault hosted the presentation of his 2012 Spring Line fittingly titled, "The Annunciation of the Virgin." The show was an extremely impressive and intimate showcase of his work. Every look impeccably tailored.

Wesley's collection is inspired by Renaissance art and was a first step into making his mark into the fashion industry. Wesley says his he loves each piece for different reasons but his favorite piece is "the one with the bugle beads." He also says he "wanted to transform female body." Throughout the collection Wesley executes a very sharp, honest, and professional perspective that stands out memorably.

The beautiful jewelry in the collection featured skulls, crosses, and halos. Each of Wesley's looks was accompanied by at least one of the eye-catching jewelry designs (by Satori Breonn) and was perfectly styled with side braided hair completing the look. We love when designers do that!

A close-up of Jorie and her jewelry from the HP Designers Reunion Party.

Satori Breonn designer, Jorie Bandauski was also looking fabulous supporting Wesley's collection by wearing what seemed to be an extra look for his line. It was instantly recognized by all, that these clothes were thoughtfully designed and extremely well-made. When asked, if he was ready to start his next collection Wesley energetically replied "Yes, I can't wait!"

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