Friday, September 09, 2011

Who'd You Like?

Photos of the finale collections will be posted as soon as they come available. In the meantime, we polled Project Runway designers and celebrities both past and present after the finale show about which collection was their favorite. Here's the early buzz:

Joanna Coles: Viktor Luna and Laura Kathleen
Michael Costello: Laura Kathleen and Anya Ayoung-Chee
Mondo Guerra: "I came late so I missed a few, but I liked Olivier's"
Julie Tierney: Laura Kathleen
Danielle Evarine: Laura Kathleen and Kimberly
Nick: "I liked three - Anya, Viktor and Bert"
David Paul: Laura Kathleen
Kara Janx: Viktor Luna and Olivier Green
Kristin Simms Haskins: Laura Kathleen
Peach Carr: Viktor Luna
Ben Chmura: Olivier Green
Cecilia Motwani: Laura Kathleen
Jack Mackenroth: Anthony Ryan Auld
Joshua Christensen: Laura Kathleen
Althea Harper: Laura Kathleen
Valerie Mayen: Anthony Ryan and Olivier Green
Austin Scarlett: Anthony Ryan
Ivy Higa: Anthony Ryan and Olivier Green
Jay McCarroll: "I can't stand his personality, but I liked Josh. M.'s collection."
Rafael Cox: Kimberly Goldson and Josh McKinley
April Johnston: Olivier Green
Mila Hermanovsky: Olivier Green
Becky Ross: Laura Kathleen and Anthony Ryan Auld
Fallene Wells: Viktor Luna and Anthony Ryan Auld
Tbone: Laura Kathleen
The Scarlett: Viktor Luna
Laura K: Anya Ayoung-Chee and Kimberly Goldson

Laura Kathleen seems to have made the best first impression, but is she even a finalist? Heidi, Nina, Michael Kors and L'Wren Scott are the only opinions that ultimately count. We'll have to wait for the finale to air before we can see how accurate everyone was.

As soon as the photos go up, we'll find out who you like!