Monday, January 09, 2012

BPR Interview with Project Runway All-Star Designer, Elisa Jimenez

Tbone and Elisa Jimenez Sept. 2011

Elisa, I was thrilled to learn that you were in the cast of the All Stars because I felt like we really didn’t get to know you in season four. I am broken-hearted over your elimination.

Good morning BPR and thank u! I still do not feel that I have been able to truly reveal the array of my skills, and yet I hope that my work and my life's work history show an inkling of my capabilities. I can say that all my press and opportunities have come thru the world alone...that is definitely something to be proud and grateful for.

Tell us about your dollar store design. What are the shorts made from?

My shorts were made of a paper gift bag and clear duct tape...I was being a bit "cheeky", (no pun intended!), about the rose and the gift bag. The character Fancy has just returned to a Celestial Garden of unconditional Love, Beauty, and FullFillmeant. I am making the shorts bodysuit and wrap for this Spring to purchase.
And by the way, Fancy is a character my mother invented in a painting when I was very little. She wore a long maxi 70's dress and had this huge wings, written on the painted was "Fancy didn't how or when, only that she had flown once or twice". I remember being about four and resonating that this woman had flown, remembered slightly that she had, but didn't realize she could again at any moment! Fancy evolved into my iconography as a symbolic character illustrating the capacity for us to all evolve, if we can just remember we have everything we need to evolve, as individuals and a conscious species!

What message did you write on the wings?

The writing on the two winged sleeves was the part of the Fancy story where by She has returned to The Garden and is being welcomed lovingly back by the all the Flowers. I will be doing the next installment of this petite rock opera fashion performance for the up-coming New York Fashion Week.

You looked gorgeous on the runway. Did you make the pink dress?

Why thank you so much for the compliment! I actually made everything you see me wearing on my brief yet delicious stint on Project Runway All Stars. Yes, I did indeed make that "one seam" dress and hand sewed it with my signature monofilament after my morning yoga and shower before we departed. As my dear friend and sometime collaborator Gerald De Cock always says about my client coined "spontaneous couture: "Elisa is great, fast, and not cheap!" Thank you again, I felt good and hot fuchsia is one of my fave colors, ever.

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