Friday, January 06, 2012

Amanda's Take - Project Runway All Stars, Episode 1

Amanda Fields walking for Michael Costello during Palm Springs Fashion Week Fall 2011

Project Runway Season 3 model Amanda Fields enjoys the unique position of having worked with many of these All-Star designers. She has graciously agreed to provide us with her perspective on the models of the All Star season. Thank you Amanda!

Thank goodness for [just] one hour of PR All stars! Didn't it feel like you saw everything you needed to see, heard everything you needed to hear? It kept me interested, laughing and genuinely entertained. And I'm not just talking about Austin Scarlett!

This is a little bit of a conundrum, because of course I miss the regulars. How can they even call it Project Runway without Tim Gunn, Heidi, Nina and Michael? Not that they aren't watching (they probably are!!) and judging. I would love to hear what they're saying about this ensemble... maybe an eye roll and a German curse word. Just maybe a frozen fruit margarita or two.

The host and judges, however, did make for a fun mix! I have always loved Angela Lindvall and have admired her as a model and as a person throughout her career. Like Heidi, she is a mom and I will never forget running into her in the west village in New York City with one of her darling boys! She was so kind to talk to a stranger who was just starting out in modeling and was (and still is) a fan!

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