Friday, January 06, 2012

Reactions to the Premiere of Project Runway All Stars

Well BPRs, what did you think?

I think I like it!

Of course it is wonderful to see the designers. They feel like friends because in most cases they are. After covering this show for so long we have met each and every one of these all-star designers. We have shared meals with them and even visited their homes!

The flip side is that it will be heartbreaking to see each designer leave.

Of course we miss Tim and the regular judges, but honestly, I like Angela Lindvall! She is just adorable and natural in her role. What do you think?

I thought Joanna Coles was quite unkind and insensitive to Elisa.

"You're not going to spit on me, are you?"

It was as if she hadn't actually watched Elisa's season and had only heard something about Elisa "spitting," which is of course not at all what she does. Of course Elisa's response was very sweet and positive and not at all defensive. I am very sorry to see Elisa go. I wish we could have seen more of her.

I'm sure that Joanna will grow on me as the season goes on. I just don't like meanness. At all. How is this considered "mentoring?"

The judges were fine. Ultimately they did get things "right." I think we could all agree with their "top three" and "bottom three" choices.

Did you notice that there were only 11 looks in the first "fashion show?" We did not see Kara's or Sweet P's design. There could be a reason for this, but I can't think of anything valid. Later on, in the side by side comparison, we do see Kara's design for a millisecond and a small part of Sweet P's. Weird.

Also, all of the things we were directed to be concerned about (Oh no. Two designers chose MOPHEADS! Oh no, Austin burned his dress!) turned out to be nothing. I would have liked to have seen more of the actual construction.

Suddenly Rami's dress walked the runway and I was like, "Where did THAT come from?" Did we even see Rami working on his dress? Come on - at least let us see how the winning designer created the winning dress!

The models were all completely lovely and yet we did not see or hear their names. I feel like if we are going to accept that the hair, make-up and styling are important to the total look, then we should get to know the models. It would help. Just my opinion of course.

The best change is the return to the 60-minute format. Even with 13 designers I felt like the pace was just right.

Anyway, these are my reactions, how about you? What did you think? Will you tune in next week?