Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A New Interview with "Project Runway All Stars" Mentor, Joanna Coles

The Cut has a new interview with Joanna Coles today. Here is a highlight:

Tim speaks regularly about how attached he gets to the designers during filming. Did you find the experience similar in that respect?

You do get very emotionally attached to them. Of course, some you like more than others. But by the end of it, you’ve spent lots of time with the finalists, and there were some I felt for. Some of them just got in their own way, and you just wanted to say, "What the hell are you doing?" And a couple of times I did. It's amazing how people can want something really badly, and the only obstacle is themselves. And they just can’t see it. You’ll see that play out in the finale.

There weren't any All-Star designers showing at NYFW back in September. How did the finale work?

They filmed final collections. It wasn’t presented at Lincoln Center; it was the timing. But they each have a finale show, and one of them in particular I felt got in their own way. I enjoyed mentoring because you’re building relationships with the contestants. When you’re a judge [as Coles has been in the past] it’s hard because you don’t know the story and the narrative of what’s led up to the piece that you’re judging. So what was really interesting was being behind the scenes, seeing the drama, understanding how hard some of them work, and how sloppy some of them work — even as All-Stars.

Click here for the full interview.