Monday, March 19, 2012

BPR Field Report from Christian Siriano's Wedding Showcase at Nordstrom

BPR Field Reporter, Ali G, attended the Christian Siriano Wedding Showcase at Nordstrom on Saturday and sends us this report. Thank you Ali!

Hi, BPR!

This is Ali G., reporting from the Christian Siriano Wedding Showcase. It was held on Saturday, March 17, 2012 at Nordstrom from Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, NY. Christian presented about 10 wedding dresses to be sold at this store. These dresses were soft and romantic. They seemed like what the 2012 bride who always dreamed of a fairy tale wedding would wear on her big day. Although they are voluminous and intricate, their fabrics are light and airy, making them comfortable for any bride.

My favorite dress was the last dress shown. It was colored light gray which was a refreshing change. Christian described it as for the bride who wanted something a bit different, but not too different. The setting at this event was very intimate, allowing Christian, the models, the staff, and the guests to interact freely. I really enjoyed meeting Christian. He was extremely friendly. I mentioned my wish for him to launch a line for men. He smiled in response.

The models walked around. I was able to see the dresses up close and even touch them. The staff was really accommodating, kindly answering every question. There were several waiters, serving caviar, smoked salmon, and champagne. Overall, it was an outstanding event. Big thank you to Christian for being not only super talented, but also super gracious, big thank you to Nordstrom for organizing this event very professionally, and, of course, big thank you to BPR for posting it online beforehand which brought it to my attention, and, therefore, allowed me to attend. It was a day to remember!

Ali G.

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