Saturday, March 10, 2012

BPR Field Report from Nanette Lepore Viewing Party

Blogging Project Runway Field Reporter, Mark Y, attended the All-Star viewing party on Thursday night and sends us this report - thanks Mark!

Nanette Lepore's shop was just the right size for the event. Of course most of the guests were young, slim and hip so lots of them could fit. Then there was me, Mr. Suburban-come-through-the-tunnel.

My first fashion observation - It was hard to tell the wait staff from the publicists. They were all very young and dressed in black. I'd rethink my look for the next event if I were in public relations. Right iniside the entrance to the store were three covered mannequins wrapped in security tape and I assumed they were the final looks of the designers in the finale.

Splits of champagne, beer, water, pop corn and ice cream bars were served - perfect for a viewing party.

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