Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Tim Gunn Returns to "Baileywick" Role in "Sofia the First"

"Sofia the First" returns to Disney Junior as an animated series on Friday, January 11th.

Tim Gunn returns to the role of "Baileywick," who not only helps Sofia dress like a royal, but also guides her on developing manners, grace and an independent spirit. 

The message of "Sofia the First" is a good one, Gunn says: Looking the part only gets you halfway there and then you have to act like a leader and be nice to people at the same time. 

"If I had a child, I would want my child watching this for the lesson in moral character." 

It might be harder for kids — or the parents watching with them — to glean any real-life style tips.

"I'm dealing with royalty here," says Gunn. "They can make their own fashion rules."

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