Friday, March 15, 2013

BPR Interview with Amanda Valentine

Project Runway Season 11 designer, Amanda Valentine, talks about her experience on the show.
"Keep my eyes on the seam...Keep my eyes on the seam..."

A highlight:

BPR:  Tell us about the inspiration for your collection.

AV:  I always have to come up with a funny name for my collection.  Last year I did "French Medieval  Fly Girl."  This collection I call "Machu Picchu Punk."  Those are two of my biggest inspirations.  I am always inspired by some international culture..usually an ancient culture...usually a place I have never visited.  So I have this "wide-eyed naive midwestern girl kind of looking out into the world" attitude.  I am also inspired by street style.  I love the attitude of punkers or hippies.   I love anything that is a little bit against the grain.

BPR:  Which is your favorite piece in the collection?

AV:  I love the all-black fringe piece toward the end of the collection.   Actually Mat helped my style my looks... He gave me some great feedback.   I am obsessed with the fringed skirt...  It was really fun to make - just a blast.  I should have shown it off a little more - it is high-waisted.  I just love it.

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This is Amanda's favorite look
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Thank you Amanda!