Friday, March 22, 2013

BPR Interview with Lord & Taylor Challenge Winner, Michelle Lesniak Franklin

Jennifer Mara covered this Lord & Taylor event for BPR and sends us this report - thanks Jen!

BPR Hearts Michelle!

This morning Michelle Lesniak Franklin celebrated her Lord and Taylor Challenge win with a private pre-store opening party. Modeling her own look along with one of her signature raincoats, Michelle was rocking her dress regardless of the 30 degree weather! "Just throw on tights and boots." she says. 

Official congratulations to Michelle even though she hasn't had the time to watch the episode for herself. This is the first time someone else is producing her work. Usually, she produces her own work. "So you know, fifty of something or thirty of something but never this many, this is out of my wildest dreams...we are sold out online already!" 

When the episode started I couldn't help but wonder if Michelle could've chosen her partner who would she pick, and to my surprise she said "I would've picked Amanda, but she's GONE!" which I thought was a great answer! 

And in her own words, "I will try and watch it on Saturday. I am waiting to see this fight. One of my girlfriends even texted me about it." 

Chatting with Michelle, it felt safe to ask about her circle tattoos, even though they were fully covered, (was that rude?) her answer: "I get this all the time. Circle of life, nature and balance." 

About the difference between the original and the production design: "Michelle tell me if the design has changed much from your original design." Her response; "I don't think it has. I will have to look back at the episode and really study. I think they hit it out of the park which is great because you never expect that to happen." Personally I thought the look was identical to the episode showing. 

I had to try on the winning garment... LOVE IT!!! This is a dress for any girl, it's very striking. I couldn't resist. $259.00 and WORTH IT!

Looking good!

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