Friday, March 08, 2013

BPR Interview with Benjamin Mach

Ben has been in Sydney and we were not able to talk on the phone last week, but he graciously e-mailed his responses - thank you Ben!

A highlight:

BPR: Was there anything that surprised you? 

 BM: Holly being so FRISKY surprised me! Did you see when she slapped Stan's butt?! Hilarious! You know the biggest surprise was Heidi's extreme turn around in her attitude towards me?!? She said i had constantly been in the bottom??!?, yet my NYC dress (Ep1) was highly commended, my flower dress had the "highest possible score" from Bette Midler and my Miranda Lambert dress had Nina claiming it was a "beautiful dress!" with all the judges gushing about it to Miss Lambert? So that really surprised me.. maybe the producers had a word in her ear??! Basically though, she contradicted herself. I could feel in my heart that something was not right during that judging.

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Thank you Ben!