Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A New Interview with Michelle Lesniak Franklin

Project Runway Season 11 winner, Michelle Lesniak Franklin, talks about her experience on the show and what to expect in the Reunion episode.

What is the toughest part about "Project Runway"? 

 The schedule is brutal. People ask me, why is everyone always crying? Well, when you're on four hours of sleep and you're under so much stress, you're gonna cry and say things you don't mean. The mature designers in our group, they get it. But there are some designers who have yet to get over it. 

You'll see that in the reunion episode, that some people are holding grudges.They just need to put on their big boy pants and grow up. And the thing is, we all, before she show even aired over the months and months we were waiting to see the show, we were contacting each other back and forth. We had agreed that everyone probably said things they didn't mean in the moment. 

It's like, whatever you do in Vegas stays in Vegas. When you're extremely tired you snap and say things you don't mean. We needed to treat it like nothing, like water on a duck. Even though we had a sit down conversation, some people still didn't get that. 

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