Friday, August 04, 2006

Angela's Sketch for the Macy's INC Challenge

Wanted a close look at Angela's sketch for the Macy's challenge? Here you go! I have enlarged the sketch and tried to decipher the notes for you. First it looks like the original jacket is a leopard print. In the upper left the notes say "????? lingerie tank" then the arrow points down to a detail of the tank and it says "tank with lace detail" I think.... There is sort of a zigzag lace detail drawn on to the tank in the bottom sketch. Just above there is a note that says "gray flannel for pants * pink." Above that I think it says something about a leopard - I'm not certain. :)

Moving over to the right there is a note about a "soft t-shirt with xtra-long sleeves so as to ruche up arms w/tailored men's trousers and cutting-edge blazer of new proportions." Then "Modern = Edgy and tailored on the the outside, soft and feminine ......??? [on the inside]" Also an arrow from the belly says something about "pink." There is obviously a belt with a round (perhaps one of Angela's trademark rosettes?) feature in the center. Angela's signature completes the picture. Altogether this is a nice sketch with great details.

Yes, it is quite different from the sketch shown here in the Macy's ad. Angela wisely sought collaboration from her teammates and wound up with an even better design. It looks like she did a second sketch to more accurately reflect the winning outfit.

Several of our readers have asked about the rosettes. Here is a link to a helpful instructional guide for you to make your own! Have fun.