Monday, August 07, 2006

BPR Interview With Bonnie Dominguez

The auffing of Bonnie Dominguez was overshadowed last week by all of the Keith drama. We haven't forgotten about her at BPR though. Fresh off her move from San Diego to San Francisco, Bonnie checks in with us to dish a little Project Runway:

BPR: Hi Bonnie! What was the reaction from your family and friends to ...(Wednesday's)

Bonnie: All my family and friends where soooo supportive & funny about the whole thing!
Everyone was mad at Mehmet b/c he picked my sketch and the final design was pretty close to the sketch. They also thought that my design was not as horrible as the judges made out… but that is what family and friends are for!

Actually, I just moved to San Francisco on the 2nd. We went with some friends that invited us to watch the show at a gay bar that plays project runway every Wednesday night (there were close to 100 people there)! I honestly could not have been in a better place to watch. I had a blast, everyone at the bar wanted to go riot in the streets after I got my AUF!!!! Hahahah.

I felt like a celeb for the night! Andy Warhol was so right about having our 15 minutes of fame… I had mine this night.

BPR: You have 3 sisters and a brother in a self-described “quirky family”. Tell us a little more about that Dodge van and those family vacations.

Bonnie: We would never take ‘normal’ vacations growing up. We would never fly either… only take the Dominguez family van, which broke down on the sides of almost every-other highway in the US, Canada & Mexico, Ahhh the memories; one of my favorite trips was the wild west trip with stops at all the must do’s; Mount Rushmore, the Badlands, Yellowstone, Wall Drugs and list goes on and on.

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