Wednesday, August 02, 2006

From The Detroit Bureau: Kara Janx

Detroit BeePeRs were out in full force last night to welcome Season 2 contestant Kara Janx at the “Make It Work” contest held at Haberman Fabrics. Kara served as a guest judge for this contest that pitted 10 talented local designers against each other in a Project Runway-like challenge that was also a fundraiser for the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute.

As soon as I entered the store, Kara spotted me and said “Tbone!” I wasn’t sure if she had remembered me from our BPR Tour but she assured, “Of course I remember you. How could I forget?” She proceeded to tell me that she and her fiancé “Red” refresh their browser every 10 minutes to see what the latest news is on BPR. “You guys are seriously cutting into my work time, Tbone”, she said. Join the club, Kara!

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