Thursday, August 10, 2006

From The Mailbox

Heidi Klum launches 'The Body,' a new Victoria's Secret bra named after her nickname in the modeling world. Click here for Heidi on The Early Show (including video) and click here for photos of the launch event.Thanks Justin.

Did you miss Angela Keslar on Access Hollywood last night? Here is a link. Thanks Joseph. has a feature about last night's show AND a feature about Kara Janx's famous kimono dress. Thanks Brenda.

Here is an interview with Bradley from Thanks Tom.

Kara Janx is featured in papermag. Where did this papermag come from? Why did I not know about papermag until yesterday? Is this one of those New York insider things? I want to be a New York insider too!

The early recaps of episode 5 are coming in. Please send them to Team BPR.