Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dear Season Four Designers,

You must be very excited and quite busy making last-minute preparations for your trip to New York. How long will you be staying? Hopefully for several weeks, or even a month, so pack plenty of clothes.

Have you explained to you boss where you are going? What you are doing? Did you have to tell a little story or could you tell the truth? Who else knows the truth? Your spouse? Sweetheart? Best friend?

Are you on a diet? Working out? Got a fresh haircut?

Wow, so much to think about!

We have all sorts of Heidi Klum sightings in NYC - West Village mostly - so she is ready to begin. You must be very excited about meeting her... And Tim Gunn! And the other designers!

Have you been imagining what the challenges might be? Devising strategies? Practicing your confessionals?

If this is your last time to check in to BPR before you head to New York we want to wish you the very best. Whether you are the first designer "auf" or the eventual winner, BPR will be here to cover your career. We already consider you a friend.

We can't wait to meet you!

Team BPR and All of the BPRs