Monday, May 07, 2007

Leah C Reports from Seattle

Hi there --

Tonight was Tim's event -- and what an event it was!

I went with my good friend Cynthia. We arrived just after 6 (the event was to start at 7.) I immediately went and bought my book -- there was already a huge crowd, and I was afraid they were going to sell out. With the purchase of my book came a signing ticket. There was a huge letter "A" on the side of it (A is for A-line.) We later learned that the signing was being done in groups, alphabetical order, A-D. Lucky us!

There is a Y-type staircase at the end of the book store, with the two top ends going to the second story, joining in the middle then coming further down. They had built up a runway at the end of the staircase on the first floor.

Eight contestants [Ed. note: For the "Most Stylish Man in Seattle"] were interviewed by the people running the contest, but only three made it to the final (which meant only three got to meet and be questioned by Tim.) They came down the stairs and strutted their stuff on the runway. Then the three finalists were announced, and Tim asked them questions, basically, what were they trying to say with their personal style, as well as how sincere they were -- was what they were wearing a costume, or was it their everyday wear?

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