Wednesday, May 23, 2007

From The Mailbox

If you have had trouble with the e-mail address for the casting dept. at Tim Gunn's new show, try this:
I'm not making it into a link because that could have been the problem. Just copy and paste it into your e-mail address bar and it should work. Good luck everyone!

Meanwhile, the studio location for the show has apparently been determined. Any BPRs in Chelsea?

Here is some news about Mychael Knight. Among other things, he is introducing a jewelry line. Thanks Pam!

This article about GenArt includes a little news about Jay McCarroll.

Also, if anyone caught Jay McCarroll at Therapy on Monday night, please send a field report. I'm not sure even what Therapy is (a club?) but I'm pretty sure there was a fashion design competition involved. I hear that garbage bags and feather boas were part of the fun.... Is this just a rumor?