Thursday, May 31, 2007

From The Mailbox

First we have a model spotting in Knit 1 Magazine. Marilinda looks fabulous doesn't she? She also greets me from the window of the Old Navy at my local mall. Congratulations, Marilinda!

Thanks Jamie for the link - please continue to send us your model spottings.

Speaking of models... Guess who is going to host the Canadian version of Project Runway?

Read more about it here. Thanks Jimmy.

Planning a shopping trip to NYC this summer?

Here is some advice from Tim Gunn. I think we posted this last summer, but it bears repeating. Please send photos if you visit EMc2. Thanks Jonathan.

Attention Ft. Lauderdale: There will be a Project Runway-like competition featuring designers from the Art Institute on Saturday. More info here.

Meanwhile, there is still time to get your tickets for the "Bad Boys" event in San Francisco on July 27th. Meet Jeffrey Sebelia amd Santino Rice. Click here for more information.

Uli Herzner's designs are now available at