Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Season Four

We are getting a lot of e-mails concerning season four.

Mostly you are asking:

1) Have the designers been chosen?
2) When will they begin filming?
3) When is the season four premiere?

Remember we are not Bravo and we don't have any insider information. We read the news and the message boards just like you do.

Here is our best information:

1) Yes the designers have been chosen. Good luck to all of you - we can't wait to meet you!

2) Filming likely takes place in June. This means the designers are probably frantically preparing right now - taking leaves from their jobs and practicing their techniques.... Also deciding what to wear!

3) As far as we know the show won't debut until October. I am completely upset about having to wait so long between seasons. I plan to defect to another network on Wednesday nights in protest. I can't explain why they have to wait so long, but the last information that we had was a press release stating that it would premiere in the fourth quarter of 2007. So October is our most optimistic guess.

4) It looks like the finale will take place at the February 2008 Fashion Week.

So thank you for all or your inquiries. This is only our best information. Remember, we are fans just like you!

Anyone have any advice for the season four designers?