Sunday, March 28, 2010

Korto Momolu in Scottsdale

When I learned that Korto was coming to Scottsdale, of course I wanted to get together. She was signing autographs at Dillard's from 3:00 - 6:00. When I arrived, I heard the announcement over the intercom introducing Korto and inviting shoppers to the handbag department.

She wasn't hard to find because of all the flashbulbs going off. There were two adorable models wearing Korto's handbags and jewelry designs. Music was playing and refreshments were set up. It was great.

At 6:00 we packed up and Korto joined me in the family mini-van for the quick trip to Fnb for dinner. We enjoyed a delicious meal and some lively discussion with Korto sharing lots of scoop about season five, the All-Star Challenge and her thoughts on season seven. It was a lot of fun. My daughter Kaitlin joined us as well as Janice and Amanda - both fans of Project Runway and especially of Korto.

After dinner I took her to the airport for her return flight. Wish we had more time!