Saturday, March 27, 2010

Weekend News

Photo: Los Angeles Times

Mila Hermanovsky was among the featured designers at FGI's "The Designers and Their Muses" party. Brandise Daneswich is her lovely muse and model. Click here for more from the LA Times.

Attention Houston - Tim Gunn will be at The Galleria today. Click here for more information and to read a new interview. A highlight: We really need to give the show a boost and lift. We've talked about it as recently last week because I'm really finding it to be stale. It's been seven seasons. We have to invigorate the show. Other than some really stunning work that's been created this season, it's become a stale format. We are working to change that.

Click here for Tim's Episode 10 Blog.

Facebook users can watch Tim's video blog of episode 10 here.