Monday, March 22, 2010

Tim Gunn in Scottsdale, AZ - Part 2

After the fashion show, Tim and Kaitlin and I went to a nearby pool bar where we were soon joined by my husband Ken as well as Leah Caruso and other members of "Team Liz."

The weather here is perfection. Everyone (including the staff) is in bathing suits or shorts except for Tim who remains in his black pinstriped suit and silver tie.

Tim graciously agreed to an interview and he also signed some items for our next contest. Thank you Tim!

LK: Tim, what was it like to arrive at the mall and to see your face on dozens of posters?

TG: Surreal.

LK: Would you like Joan Rivers to serve as a judge on Project Runway?

TG: No.

LK: How about Michelle Obama?

TG: YES!! And there might be a Washington DC-related challenge in season eight...

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