Thursday, March 18, 2010

Project Runway Fantasy Game Update from Mark Y

I have to say that I like our Project Runway best when the designers get along with each other because they crack jokes between themselves and they're just funnier. And this week we learn that Anthony thinks that Maya is pretty! That's nice, right? Whether she stays or goes, I hope we're closer to finding out why she didn't show at Fashion Week, don't you?

The previews have sparked a controversy because HRH Michael isn't pictured sitting in the judge's seat. I think he's playing a role other than judge and we'll see him in another capacity. Anyone with me on this scenario? Discuss.

Last week I did well with the M&Ms and Seth Aaron and I'm grateful to each of them for my 19 points. Speaking of points ... tally by remaining designer looks like this > Amy (26), Anthony (25), Emilio (19), Jay (51), Jonathan (31), Maya (32), Mila (37) and SA (35).

Team challenges are never a love fest. Maybe this will be the first double elimination since Marla and Diana slipped on a banana in Season Two. My picks are Jonathan, Seth Aaron and Mila. Unless I change my mind before 9:00 EST.