Thursday, March 18, 2010

Amanda's Take - Season 7 - Episodes 7 & 8

Dear BPRs, I've been super-busy and sorry to fall behind in my recaps - but here we go with a two-for-one deal -


Models of the week: BRITTANY: She looked incredible in that short wig! I love her pose at the end of the runway. I know she must have been instructed to keep her arms away from the outfit so there wouldn't be any snags in the plastic, and she did just that, but not in a way that was distracting.

MONIQUE is blossoming the more I watch this season. Her facial features are so delicate and pretty! I know this might sound weird, but she has the cutest nose! I love the dress she wore, and she only added to it by walking in a natural way and not too "strong." She let the dress speak for itself. I also love that they left her hair naturally big and curly and that they did her makeup in a pretty, understated way. Stunning!!

HOLLY: She managed to wear that swimsuit that wasn't a swimsuit and make it look sexy - well, because she has the body to go with it. I wasn't so sure about the look on her face, but I think any model may have had a little trouble walking the runway with a straight face in that creation. Props to her for having a good attitude and wearing Emilio's look so well!

I know that some models had to have their hands on their hips because of the way their dresses were constructed, but that looks so cheesy sometimes. When Alexis did that, it only added to the costumey effect of Jesse's dress.

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