Thursday, October 01, 2015

BPR Party: Episode 9

Settle down now, class! "Yes, Mr. Weinstein." Now I have a very important lesson for all of you "designers" today. So far this semester, we have learned that I own all of your work and creative output. Those pretty papers you signed prior to filming have given me complete control of your mind, bodies and souls.

No Swapnil, you may not use the restroom! I'm tired of you setting off the fire alarm in there. You may only smoke in front of the cameras from here on out!

Now then. The word for today is DRAMA.  I don't really care what you create today, just do it in a way that elicits an emotional response from one of your fellow coworkers, er designers, or the judges. Extra credit if any of you can piss off Tim. Got it?

"Yes, Mr. Weinstein"...