Friday, October 16, 2015

Project Runway Designers Featured at Haiti Fashion Week

Nicholas D'Aurizio and Saphora in Haiti (Saphora is an orphan)
Project Runway Season Eight designer, Nicholas D'Aurizio, talks to us about Haiti Fashion Week.  Thank you Nicholas!

BPR:  Tell us about Haiti Fashion Week.

ND:  Haiti Fashion Week will be November 5 - 8.  There will be a line-up of Haitian designers as well as designers from around the world. 

BPR:  Is this the first year?

ND:  This is the fourth year.

BPR:  Which Project Runway designers will be showing collections?

ND:  Myself, Michelle Lesniak, Gordana Gehlhausen, and Josh Christensen are all confirmed.  Michelle will be showing her "Pin Me / Pierce Me" collection.  Gordana is showing fifteen lingerie designs and fifteen gowns.  Josh is showing fifteen pieces - ten women's and five men's.

Sneak peek of one of Nicholas's designs
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