Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Viktor Luna at FashioNXT

Photo:  Jeff Wong
Project Runway All-Star, Viktor Luna talks to BPR about his latest collection featured at FashioNXT on October 10th.   Thank you Viktor!

BPR:  How many times have you participated in FashioNXT?

VL: This is my second year!

BPR:  What brought you back?

VL:  Tito is truly one of the hardest-working persons I know.  What keeps us coming back is his professionalism.  He believes in every designer he showcases, and brings the highest-quality platform to give maximum exposure to each designer.  He is humble and caring and we need more people like him in the fashion industry. 

BPR:  What was the inspiration for this collection?

VL: Well, I am always inspired by the future... and also history.  I think you can see some Egyptian influence, and also plastics, and innovative textiles.  It's very difficult to pin down!

Photo:  Jeff Wong

BPR:  What is your favorite look?

VL:  It's hard to choose, but I think one looks sort of sums up the collection.  It has the gold and silver, pleating and the model is wearing glasses.  

Click here for the rest of the interview and for more photos of the collection.