Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Mondo Guerra at FashioNXT

Photo:  Jeff Wong

Project Runway All-Star Champion, Mondo Guerra, presented his Spring/Summer 2016 collection at FashioNXT in Portland on October 10th.

Fashion Correspondent, Tamara Alazri was there and sends us this report:

Since Project Runway, Mondo Guerra has been known for combining unconventional prints and has shied away from simplicity, but has taken a different approach for his FashionXT 2015 runway show, creating a solid white collection with an 80’s vibe. 

Photo:  Jeff Wong

See-through skirts, bare midriffs, crop-tops and mini jackets were the focus of this collection. It felt very urban cool and the use of colored socks and sandals added flavor to the white color palette. 

Photo:  Jeff Wong
Click here for more photos of Mondo's 20-piece collection. 

Our sincere thanks to photographer Jeff Wong and correspondent Tamara Alazri.