Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Michelle Lesniak at FashioNXT

Photo:  Jeff Wong
Project Runway Season 11 Champion, Michelle Lesniak talks to us about her "Pin Me /Pierce Me" collection presented at FashioNXT on October 9th. 

BPR:  How many times have you participated in FashioNXT?

ML:  This is my third time, but I was also recognized as an "emerging designer" before I appeared on Project Runway.  

BPR:  Wow.  So they sort of discovered you...?

ML:  Yes.

BPR:  This is in your backyard, right? 

ML:  It is.  It's fun, and I definitely have my diva moments...  "I'm closing out the show!"  ...but there is also a lot of pressure.  I'm under a microscope.  Everyone is expecting something really 
big...and beyond....

Photo:  Jeff Wong
 Click here for the full interview and photos of Michelle's collection.

Click here to visit Michelle's website.  

Thanks Michelle!