Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bonnie Dominguez at Mixture - A Report from our San Diego Bureau!

My friend Arlene (in blue) & I arrived in front of Mixture in San Diego around 6:15 on a hot and humid evening. We saw Bonnie right away but there were several people already talking to her so we took the opportunity to walk around the store and admire Bonnie’s art and clothing designs. Her dresses have lots of interesting paneling details and are gorgeous! She was wearing an awesome white eyelet dress with a dramatically low cut back, belted with a camel colored leather belt. After about 10 minutes, we approached Bonnie holding our BPR placard. I started to introduce myself and I was amazed when Bonnie said “You must be Janet with Blogging Project Runway!” Wow, I was completely blown away that she knew I was coming to talk to her. She told me that all the designers love BPR and that it is the only Project Runway related blog she reads because it is always so positive about the designers and has so much information.

Bonnie decided to try out for PR two weeks before the L.A. auditions and had only one weekend to design and sew her samples. Santino was at her audition and Bonnie said he was very nice and supportive. She was also thrilled when Tim said to her “Bonnie, I’m a little concerned….” during her audition.

We asked her what she and the other designers thought the hot accessory was going to be. As reported on BPR previously, most were guessing iPods and some did think it might be little dogs! Bonnie said they knew as soon as they entered the park that it was going to be dogs. We told Bonnie we loved her dog, “Sparkle”. I said I really liked the corgi and she told us that the corgi made several attempts to become amorous with Sparkle! Too bad Bravo didn’t show us that during the episode!

It was a great evening. Bonnie is very down to earth and easy to talk to. We told her we were rooting for our hometown girl!

Thank you Janet, Arlene and Bonnie!