Monday, August 07, 2006

From The Mailbox

Now all of of America can take a break from whatever they are doing because YES, the fourfour recap is up!

UPDATE: Dan Renzi too!

Next, several readers have mentioned this in the comments. Just scroll ahead to look number 19 and you'll see what the buzz is about. This was first posted by our friends at TwoP. Another reader says that this look originated in an Alexander McQueen collection. Can anyone find a reference photo? I was stumped.

This one we will call "Find the PR#3 Designer..." (This is from 2005.) Thanks, Kim.

Did everyone see Emmett McCarthy on What Not to Wear? I did!

Remember Steve Rosengard? He was featured in the Road to the Runway episode. Here is a great article about this talented designer. Two words for Steve: Season Four. Thanks, Archie!

Want to work for Vanessa Riley?

Dear prospective intern,

Calling all enthusiastic young happy fashion enthusiasts...

Vanessa Riley London, is a fashion designer and retail store in Houston.
Retail and wholesale women's wear sold locally & internationally.
The store will be preparing to move into a larger building and are calling on local helpers in the form of interns.
Due to the extra amount of activity in the store and work shop,- we would like to find enthusiastic young interns to assist within the store and workshop.
Office - filing, occasional telephone, organising projects, entering into the mailing list.
Studio - organising patterns, numbering/labelling, illustration, tracing, organising fabrics and ordering.
Store- Assist store manager with pricing & clients. In store parties and trunk shows.

August - end of September.
10 - 20 hours a week.
We require you to commit to regular hours.
If you are under 18 - we must meet and discuss your duties with your parents.

Please call Kristin at the store if you are interested

713 522 3000