Monday, August 07, 2006

Justin Couture's PR Recap - Episode 4

We present another recap by BPR guest writer Justin Couture. Please consider yourself warned that you are about to enter a world teeming with jealousy and snark.

Episode 4 or ' This episode could never live up to the hype. '

It's a new day at the Atlas and Bonnie and Uli contemplate that they might have to move in with the other girls. As Bonnie hydrates, Uli states that they don't want to move in with Angela. We see our whickety-whack girl Angela wearing a bubble skirt perhaps fashioned out of a quilt that gives off an Amish vibe. While she states that she wants to prove herself I think that the patchwork skirt isn't a fashion statement in the right direction. Well, at least it doesn't scream Jubilee Jumbles because it seems to be without rosettes.

Jeffrey ponders not having won and discusses Keith's ability to B.S. Knowing that Jeffrey is not fond of Keith and that they are roommates, I worry for Keith's future. I do like that Jeffrey seems to have his own theme music. For a moment I am gripped by jealousy because I don't have theme music. WHY DON'T I HAVE THEME MUSIC?!?

At Parsons we are 'yoo-hooed' by Heidi wearing an abbreviated skirt and a tunic which seems very Old Navy 2005. Is this the direction that Macy's is taking? She announces that they will in fact be designing for Macy's International Concepts line and that Tim will fill them in.
They mix up the models this time and Toni is out. Then in the workroom they meet some guy from Macy's (or Guy Macy as I like to call him because I am too bored to remember his name) that probably is at fault for Heidi's recent looks and I am gripped by anger that anyone would attempt to dim Heidi's light. They will work in teams of three to create a three piece look. After pitching ideas to Guy Macy, team leaders will be selected.

After Robert reminds us of his extensive Barbie experience they get dossiers and 30 minutes of sketch time. Keith traces another 'trend report' while he tells us that he allegedly has experience with men's wear. Bonnie says she has an edge because of her Nike experience while Angela reminds us that she doesn't sketch. At least this time she doesn't petition Kayne and actually produces a valid drawing and I give the girl snaps for trying.

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