Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Let's Play a New Game!

Ready for something new? I know you're not quite ready to give up on the "Who will be asked to leave?" speculation, but I thought it might be time to consider "Who will win tomorrow night?" and "Who will lose?" If one person is "asked to leave" will a second person be aufed? Will only the leaders be eligible for a win or a loss? Who are the leaders?

Let's review the teams... Laura - Michael - Angela (could Angela be the leader?) Uli - Bonnie - Bradley (Who is the leader? Bonnie? or Bradley?) Keith - Alison - Jeffrey (looks like Keith is the leader) and then Robert - Kayne - Vincent (These guys are gonna be a HOOT - I can just tell.... is Vincent the leader?) Okay the most interesting thing here may be how these teams are selected. As many BeePeRs have pointed out - we have established teams of two: Laura-Michael, Bonnie-Uli, Kayne-Robert and Alison-Jeffrey. Then we have the third member - who may actually be the leader. How does this happen? Also, if one member is asked to leave before the challenge is complete, how will this affect the judging?

We're not going to discuss WHY a person is asked to leave, okay? Just what we think will happen. How are these teams chosen? Do they have leaders? I think they do - there is obviously one person's sketch that the team works from. Also, I'm pretty sure the team is banking on the leader being the only "vulnerable" one, because even though some apparently have doubts about the success of a design element - they don't seem to be objecting very strongly. How will this play out? Will the leader of the team that creates the "weakest design" be out - as we are accustomed to - or will something else happen? And who will win? And what is the challenge. Watching the designers shop it is pretty clear that they are all going in different directions. Is this the Macy's/INC challenge? We get a good look at Team Angela's design. I don't see that she used the Empire State Building fabric though. Maybe that is for the blouse or lining?

Okay - we're off to a good start, and I know there is more that I have forgotten so - Who will win? Who is out?