Thursday, June 29, 2006

From The Houston Bureau - Chloe!

Did you know that BPR is so cheap, we don't even pay the cab fare for our ace field reporters? Such are the vagaries of blogging. There are some perks, though! One is the chance to wine and dine with your favorite Project Runway designers. Our trusty scribe Pleightx checks in from Chloe's party last night:
Pleightx and Chloe at the Art Institue of Houston.Chloe’s party was held at the Art Institute of Houston in a small white tent in the parking lot. The crowd mingled while sampling cocktails and canapés. The sponsors for the evening included the Art Institute of Houston, Time Warner Cable, NBC/Bravo and Saturn Motors.

After a few announcements, Chloe came out to warm up the crowd. She said this is a preview of her new Spring Collection. “Hope you like it. There’s even sportswear,” she remarked. We would also see some men’s fashion from her store mate, Adam Vuong and his Adam’s Apple menswear line.

The lights dimmed and the music started. The first group of eight models came out all dressed in white. These cool sporty looks had some pretty lacy and frilly pieces as well. Then the male models came out. The crowd (who were mostly female) erupted in a roar. Then Chloe's second group of girls came out. This time, there were a lot of bold colors, including some nice solid greens, blacks and colorful prints. After that, we had some more menswear. Then the last group of Chloe's girls came out. This time, the colors were a bit muted, with soft brown/beige/pink tones. There were lots of lacy, flowing, feminine contoured pieces – which we’ve come to expect from her. Compared to her OFW collection, this was quite a departure.

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6 looks from Chloe Dao's Spring Collection.