Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Note From Chloe Dao

Hi Laura,

BPR is amazing. I can't still believe how fast you guys are about getting info. I just wanted to thank BPR for posting about my online shopping. I am definitely adding more pieces to sell online. It has taken us much longer to get the shopping section up b/c it is not only about having the shopping available online it also about setting up production to actually deliver the merchandise.

Please be patient with all of us. As much as PR has given us publicity all of us are still very small individuals trying to "Make It Work" in the big world of fashion. It does take awhile to establish a good foundation. Emmett is an exception, he is simply too amazing in his ability to kick butt in the real world of fashion.

Y'all have been completely wonderful in the support of PR designers. I sincerely thank BPR.

P.S. I am excited as you are about PR3. Can't wait.

Thanks again,

Chloe Dao