Tuesday, June 27, 2006

An Invitation from Emmett McCarthy

We've been hinting about this event and, at last, here is the invitation! I wish I could be there! That's Chloe, Kara, Nick, Emmett and Tim ALL TOGETHER in one spot on July 12th! Shoppers will have the to opportunity to purchase designs from all four of these favorites. Best of all, they will get to preview the fall collections.

Just to make this perfectly clear, please understand that Emmett is inviting ALL of our readers to this sale. You don't need a personal invitation. Please let us know if you plan to attend.

Dear Laura:

It is official!

Here is the e invite for our SALE event. Chloe, Kara, Nick and I will be having our designs to sell and take orders on fall. We will also be selling our custom-designed T shirts, and Tim will be making a special appearance.

Dimitry Chamy is designing the graphics for Tim Gunn's "Quality, Taste and Style" T shirt. I am not sure how many to make, but we can take orders!