Thursday, June 22, 2006

News From Nick

Hey Laura:
How are you? It's my "Summer Break" and I am busier than ever. Sat. was the FIDM Graduation and I was invited to present an Award and when they called my name , like 2000 people went WILD!!! You would have thought I was Kelly Clarkson--CRAZY!! And today I did another event at FIDM for 500 high school seniors--also went crazy--I will try and get footage/photos for my blog ASAP.

...David and I are prepping for the LA Billion Dollar Babes event this Friday and Saturday at the Sony Studios in Culver City. There will be TONS of Nick Verreos/Nikolaki tops, dresses, pants, jackets, all DRAMATICALLY reduced!!!We will have samples for sale of Tarah's dress which she wore in Miami when I saw her, as well as the dress Heidi will wear for the PR interview!!!! Warn your avid readers to get there early because if the NY Sale was any indication, my 2 racks were almost empty by the beginning of the second day! I will be there Friday night and Saturday afternoon to "meet and greet" my Nick Verreos-ites!!!

I am scheduled to do a TV Guide Show interview Friday afternoon at Hollywood & Highland(Kodak Theater) for the release of the DVD.

...Thanks again for all your support....

All my best,