Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Michael Knight is a Peach!

Atlanta Peach magazine has a fabulous article about Michael!

Here is a highlight:

Which judge was your biggest champion?

I still maintain that it was Season Two’s winner, Chloe Dao. She was the only judge at the auditions down in Miami for this season who saw something in my work. Her vote was the deciding factor to my being a contestant on Project Runway. Tim Gunn wasn’t impressed initially, but now he’s come around!

It also includes Michael's take on his fellow designers:

Kayne: He was my homey. He was silly as hell and a speed demon on the sewing machine. We were always itching to go out and party and we were having withdrawals, but we were too tired to do anything but go back to the apartment and have a couple of beers.

Laura: She was a trouper, a really tough lady. When everyone else would be passed out from fatigue, she would be keeping on. My first thought, after I was dismissed, was that she had a shot at winning because of the extraordinary detail she brought to everything she made.

Vincent: He was a really terrific pattern maker, and when it came to constructing a garment he knew his stuff. The man taught me a thing or two.

Uli: She was just cool. Many nights we’d hit the balcony for a cocktail and our discussions always went back to design. She wanted to express to the judges she could do more than just pretty dresses in prints. She wanted everyone to know that she could do more.

Jeffrey: He was really a softy. All of that bad-guy stuff was for the TV! I think his final collection was a little more innovative, a little more forward, and that’s what the judges obviously wanted to see.

Thanks Gail!