Monday, January 22, 2007

A Note From Daniel Vosovic

Dear Laura,

...I do have a new job, in fact, I've had one for about two months now and it's going fantastic! If you have a minute, sit down, relax and let me explain...

The company is called Raven, it's a budding 2-yr old design label that has a very solid, but small foot in the door. Known for their women's trousers and denim, they can be found at high-end retailers such as Saks, Bloomingdales, Barney's, Bergdorf's, Jeffrey's, etc, and sell alongside lines like Marc by Marc Jacobs and Catherine Malandrino. Long story short, I was brought on to launch their first venture into becoming a full sportswear collection: coats, tops, dresses, trousers... everything. The people I work with are just fantastic, the environment fulfilling, the opportunities huge, and the knowledge that this is exactly where I need to be just settles my stomach to no end! We're not planning to show for another year, but plan to build the collection slow and steady until we're ready, Fall '08 perhaps.

I was originally aiming towards larger design labels, ones that carry a set work week, security and a well-defined job description, but ultimately decided that smaller (but not too small) was better for me, allowing me to be involved with all aspects of the business from beginning to end. Most everything is done in-house, from patterns and samples to accounting and shipping, I'm exposed to it all!

I feel like I'm going on forever, but I wanted to tell you the latest on the rest of my endeavors while I have you. The NYLO hotel collection is coming along beautifully and should be ready for release in fall '07, but samples are being produced now and look AMAZING, I can't wait for you to see it! I still have my two weekly blogs on and, and at times can be the last thing I want to do, but at times can almost be a personal diary for me to share my thoughts of the day.

My friends and family are healthy and happy, and with my older sister getting married in September, she's been on my butt about getting started on her dress... and of course my mother's MOB dress (I also just finished one for my cousin in December... pheww!). Love life is great, my boyfriend Kieran and I have been together for almost 7 months and though he detests watching television, I've been able to sit him down enough to get through the "Flower Power" challenge of season 2 (He still hasn't seen the entire season and I'm afraid he'll think differently of me after he witnesses my makeover of Chloe into a 50-year old hooker... I guess if he stays he really loves me, haha!).

Wow, again apologies for this ridiculously long email, but thought it best since it's been so long... of course there is more in the works, but like a wise-man once told me, timing is everything. Thank you again for the kindness and support that you and BPR have shown me and my fellow designers, in a career that can easily become tiresome with long hours, tight deadlines and cranky production people, it's nice to know that there are people out there who still appreciate the people behind the work.

Love you!
Daniel xx