Monday, January 22, 2007

Q&A With Nick Verreos

Hi everyone out there in "BloggingProjectRunway World." It has been a crazy week for me, especially since it finally "came out" that my sister, Rita, was going to be in the new season of "Survivor: Fiji". I kind of felt like TR Knight or Neil Patrick Harris, when they were officially outed on "People Magazine". OK, I may be exaggerating. But it was good to not have to "hold the secret" any longer.

My sister and I have always been very close--we are only 18 months apart--and I have always been very supportive through all her endeavors. From being in the "Miss Venezuela" pageant, to majoring in French and Italian at UC Berkeley, to coming to LA to pursue acting, up to the present, beginning a (hopefully) successful career in Pageant Coaching in Texas. I have always been very proud of her. However, I am most proud of her for being a great mother (as well as jealous as heck for how she maintains that damn hot figure of hers!).

BPR: When did you find out that she was considering this?

She visited Los Angeles several months back to coach some contestants for "Miss California" as well as to attend the "Miss Universe" contest. She said she was approached with an opportunity to try out for the newest season of "Survivor". I sort of brushed it off as her just getting "caught up" in the Hollywood "reality show" babble that does sometimes envelop people the minute they breathe the LA-LA air. Well, I soon realized she was serious, when she told me that she had indeed tried out and was in consideration as one of the new cast members of "Survivor: Fiji". Now you guys know the rest.

BPR: Why do you think she'll be a great "Survivor?"

She has been doing "competitions" since she was 18 years old (even though they were International Beauty contests, they are still no "walk in the park"). She has been dancing ballet since she was 5 years old, therefore she's athletic and flexible. She is not only beautiful but intelligent, so she could possibly use both qualities in this crazy game that is "Survivor". Also, as a single mother of two kids, I think any mom can attest that the show "Survivor" is, pardon the pun, "kid's stuff" , compared to raising two children in this day and age!