Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tim Gunn to Appear on "Ugly Betty"

When Team BPR had the opportunity to see the Project Runway Season Three Finale Show at Bryant Park we observed that there was a strong "Ugly Betty" promotion going on at the entrance to the tent. There were girls dressed up as Betty and passing out materials and promotional gifts. Of course we only had eyes for Runway, but still, it was intriguing. Since Betty is on ABC, we were wondering what she had to do with Project Runway, but we were quickly distracted by other things.

Well, now "Ugly Betty" is a huge hit, and America Ferrera charmed everyone last night at the Golden Globes. Some of the more established actors could learn a few things from her about being prepared with an acceptance speech. This young actress was gracious and sweet and truly beautiful. She had the entire room in tears.

So, it is a wonderful surprise to learn that Tim Gunn will appear on several episodes of Ugly Betty. Read more here in "The Watcher."

Thanks Mo.

Also, just in case you missed the announcement - Tim will soon be featured in his own show!