Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tim Gunn on Oprah!


I just returned from Chicago -- taping Oprah!!!!!!!! I still am pinching myself! I can't believe it! But don't get too excited. I'm not the whole show. I'm merely a part of the show. It is tentatively airing on Feb. 5. The show is wonderful. It's about celebrating women in their 40's, 50's, 60's, plus an incredible 70-year-old. It's a "feel good" show. I came in to work with all of the women and the styling of their wardrobe. It was three days, looooong hours, and a total BLAST! And Oprah is too, too divine for words!

Ugly Betty was also a total blast! We taped my two appearances on January 8. I sorta-kinda play myself, but not really. I believe that people will assume that it's me being me. There's one point with Daniel Bradford (Eric Mapias) says, "Thanks for coming, Tim," but I believe that the segment will be cut. Anyway, I'm a fashion news reporter covering Fashion Week in New York. In the February 1 episode, I report "live from Bryant Park" and merely declare that the week has begun. In the February 8 episode, I'm on television reporting on the staggering list of events that occurred the day before (which was the content of the Feb 1 show). It was so thrilling and fun to do this, and I've never done scripted television before. It's a challenge! I have to add that the cast and crew, writers, producers, director were sublime to work with and treated me like a prince. It was hard to leave.

Tim's appeal crosses all networks and demographics! Congratulations from all of us at BPR!